Bunnie Xo Net Worth

Bunnie Xo Net Worth

Bunnie Xo Net Worth, Bunnie Huang is a Taiwanese American electrical engineer, open-source hardware designer, and the co-founder of Chibitronics. She is also a visiting scholar at the MIT Media Lab and a research affiliate at the Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Huang amassed her impressive fortune.

Huang’s Net Worth

Most of Huang’s wealth comes from her stake in Chibitronics, which she co-founded in 2013. Chibitronics is a open-source electronics design company that makes it easy for people of all ages to create Circuit Stickers—a new type of sticker that can be used to create interactive electronic devices without the need for soldering or programming. Today, Chibitronics is a thriving business with a team of full-time employees and an impressive list of clients that includes Google, Microsoft, and the BBC.

In addition to her stake in Chibitronics, Huang also earns money from her many other business ventures. For instance, she is a founding partner of Pixel Qi, an electronic display company that was acquired by Google in 2014. She is also a co-founder of Limor Fried’s Adafruit Industries, where she serves as the Chief Financial Officer. Adafruit is one of the largest open-source hardware companies in the world, with an annual revenue that exceeded $32 million in 2017.


Bunnie Huang is a highly successful Taiwanese American electrical engineer, open-source hardware designer, and entrepreneur. She has amassed her fortune through her various business ventures, most notably Chibitronics and Adafruit Industries. Thanks to her hard work and dedication to her many projects, Bunnie Huang’s net worth is estimated to be tens of millions of dollars.

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