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Is Oatly Healthy? A Comprehensive Look at the Benefits and Risks

Formulated in Sweden by food scientist, Rickard Öste, during the 1990s, Oatly was created to appeal to people who have a lactose intolerance while providing a healthier, more environmentally-sustainable alternative to cow’s milk. Whether you’re already a fan of oat milk or you’re just dipping your toes into the world of plant-based alternatives, we highly recommend https://forex-review.net/ sampling Oatly’s newest oat milk. While our personal preference is for Oatly Super Basic in terms of the stronger taste and texture, if you’re looking for a sugar-free oat milk, Oatly Unsweetened delivers a nice enough flavor and can easily satisfy your dietary needs. Oatly prioritizes environmentally friendly practices throughout its production chain.

  1. Ultimately, the decision to consume Oatly or any other plant-based milk substitute comes down to personal choice and aligning with your own values and health objectives.
  2. Nobbs then switches measurements to use his estimate of the total glycemic load of Oatly—which accounts for serving size—to claim that a 12oz portion is essentially equivalent to a can of Coke.
  3. We began with Oatly Unsweetened and sampled the new milk on its own, chilled in a glass directly from the refrigerator.
  4. To ensure our taste test was accurate, we poured a glass of Oatly Super Basic and sampled the oat milk on its own before attempting to use it in any other way.

The brand’s messaging takes on a life of its own—and it has the creative assets to back it up—initiatives like its closest Oatly-serving cafes map, called Oatfinder. Informative, direct, and dedicated to the cause, ‘stop plant-based censorship’ is another effective digital outlet for the brand’s mission for sustainability. Following the success of its barista-based initiative, Oatly invested in its online presence with campaigns and messaging that stand out from the crowd.

Blackstone & the housing crisis

The production of dairy milk requires substantial land, water, and energy resources, making it a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Oatly’s production process, on the other hand, generates considerably fewer emissions, making it a more sustainable choice for eco-conscious consumers. When it comes to maintaining a healthy heart, it’s important to pay attention to the types of fats we consume. Saturated fats, commonly found in animal products like dairy milk, can raise cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease.

The Rise of Oatly in the Market

While nutrition is important to us, we have to admit that taste still ranks fairly high in determining which products we return to the grocery store. For the best assessment, we tried Oatly Original Oatmilk, Oatly Unsweetened, and Oatly Super Basic side by side. We began with Oatly Unsweetened and sampled the new milk on its own, chilled in a glass directly from the refrigerator.

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Additionally, some individuals have reported digestive issues after consuming Oatly, likely due to its high fiber content. Additionally, acidity regulators, such as dipotassium phosphate and calcium carbonate, are added to Oatly to achieve the desired pH level and enhance the taste. However, some critics argue that these additives may affect the natural flavors of the oats and potentially compromise the nutritional value of the product.

Beta glucan forms a gel-like substance within your gut that can bind to cholesterol and reduce its absorption. This may help lower blood cholesterol levels, especially levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, which have been linked to heart disease (7, 8). B vitamins are essential for optimal health and linked to numerous benefits.

Additionally, Oatly’s unique taste and creamy texture make it a versatile choice for various recipes and beverages. Oatly’s huge popularity in the United States has helped spur the rise of new oat milk products, including from competitors like Chobani. “Oat milk sales have been up by 289% year-over-year from March to June,” Business Insider reported last month using data provided by Nielsen.


Oatly also argued that they wanted to convince Blackstone that sustainable companies, such as themselves, are profitable, leading other private equity firms to ‘steer their collective worth of 4 trillion US dollars into green investments’. As consumers seek increased value and experience from food and beverages, the industry relies on research to predict category trends. Additionally, a good portion of the population suffers from lactose intolerance. According to Circana​, plant-based milk gallon sales fell 7.2% in the year ending Dec. 3, 2023 with soy and almond dropping just over 9% each and oat eking out a 0.9% increase.

By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy & to receive electronic communications from Vice Media Group, which may include marketing promotions, advertisements and sponsored content. Francesca Willow is a Geordie writer and artist based in Cornwall/London. She believes the best way to see change happen is through consumer choice, intersectional collective action, and policy change. One thing I would urge everyone to do, however, is to learn about degrowth. We need a world filled with medium and small scale operations, none of us should support one company dominating an entire market and believing that is the best example of what sustainability can be. There are levels of privilege required to boycott, and it can place too much emphasis on consumer choice over collective pressure and activism to stop corporations from mass destruction and pollution.

This is unique for the alternative milk market, which has historically been known to be limiting for folks conscious of their glycemic index and overall calorie intake. Calcium and vitamin D are two key nutrients that play a vital role in maintaining bone health. Oatly, when fortified with these nutrients, can be a valuable addition to your diet. Oatly is often fortified with calcium and vitamin D, essential nutrients for bone health. Getting an adequate amount of these nutrients can help support strong bones and prevent conditions like osteoporosis.

Plant-based milk accounts for 15% of all dollar sales for retail milk, according to market research from the Good Food Institute. You can “sow your wild oats” with this herb that helps to balance the endocrine system and support a healthy libido. The fruiting tops and the stalk (known as oat straw) are rich in minerals and trace nutrients including iron, calcium, magnesium, silica, phosphorus, chromium, and vitamins A, B, and C.

One of the reasons health-conscious consumers have shied away from Oatly in the past is the mixture of oils and sugar, so Oatly Super Basic is a big step for the market. Plus, the original blend contains similar fat content to 2% reduced-fat dairy milk. Both Oatly Super Basic and Oatly Unsweetened present a significantly lower-fat alternative without compromising tremendously on flavor. The fat contents of the new Oatly oat milk styles are relatively similar, as are the levels of sodium per serving size. The biggest difference in terms of nutritional information between Oatly Super Basic and Oatly Unsweetened relates to the total carbohydrates and the added sugar content. Therefore, if your dietary concerns or preferences are more squarely about carbs and sugar, then Oatly Unsweetened may be the right choice for you.

This new oat base enables the product’s lighter texture and zero-sugar content, while still providing the same delicious Oatly taste consumers know and love. This innovation is a really big step for us that we’re proud to bring to market. Nothing is great in excess, and Oatly is highly processed, which is forex etoro review not a good thing. But basically any milk alternative that you’d actually want to drink will have oil or thickener to give it a palatable texture. And we’re talking about something that most people just put a bit of in their coffee. Glycemic index also doesn’t tell you everything about a food’s nutrition.

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Oatly also created a landing page that encourages consumers to sign a petition against the EU’s censorship of plant-based products. Some of the ads earned prime-time Saturday night ad slots in the UK and although some saw the campaign as blinkered and ageist, the brand’s uncompromising tone shone through. The uptake in oat milk did indeed soar during the COVID-19 pandemic and Oatly reaped the rewards. But, before that happened, the brand did something a little unorthodox by today’s standards. From soy and almond to hazelnut, rice, and beyond, there has never been such an eclectic mix of ways to experiment with your morning coffee. And, of all the alt-milks on the market right now, oat is arguably the top dog.

Yes, Oatly is operating within a capitalist model like the rest of us and, yes, perhaps they’re aiming to grow to put up a fight against big dairy, which is a very destructive industry. In addition to climate destruction, Blackstone has also been accused of contributing to the global housing crisis, with the UN housing officer accusing them of exploiting tenants and ‘wreaking havoc’ in communities. Beyond the United States, Blackstone has also come under fire because they own a stake in Hidrovias do Brasil. Pátria Investimentos, another Blackstone company, also owns more than 50% of Hidrovias. Unlock compelling consumer insights that will help you develop the next big thing in energy drinks. Ayana Bio conducted the Ultra-Processed Food (UPF) Pulse survey, offering insight into consumers’ willingness to consume UPFs, as well as the variables…

Oatly has gained significant traction in the market due to its marketing campaigns that promote it as a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional dairy milk. It has become a go-to choice for many individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint or adopt a plant-based lifestyle. You also want to be aware that some store-bought oat milk contains rapeseed oil—a type of oil that contains high levels of erucic acid (at least 45 percent). Choose organic varieties to avoid the processed ingredients and read labels carefully to spot any red flags. In general, oat milk isn’t any better for you than other dairy-free milk substitutes, like almond or coconut milk, Kaufman says.



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